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We are committed to providing you with exemplary service
Need alterations?

Our in house alterations department makes sizing easy. Our experienced seamstress can meet all your alteration specifications.  We specialize in superior alterations of ladies and men’s apparel.

Something Old, we can make it Something New again. Often our customer’s keep special items in their closet for years, they just can’t part with! We are able to re-design your favorite pieces. Allowing todays fashion signatures, to return a loved piece to your current wardrobe.

Image Consultation 

Is your wardrobe up to date? Every Five to Ten Years, we all need to take a glance in the mirror and ask ourselves, am I presenting myself in the best way possible? Questions come to mind like is my skirt too short, is this jacket still in style etc. Fashion trends are confusing and suit a small percentage of shoppers. Age appropriate dressing is sometimes difficult to achieve while wearing trendy styles.

Giving Back

Duchessa’s fundraising schedule includes many Annual Sponsorships. Each year we give special attention to Veterans, Animal foundations and the homeless.